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9 More Things to Make 25 Unknowns - Fallen Reincarnation

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February 22nd, 2009

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04:08 pm - 9 More Things to Make 25 Unknowns
So, I've been tagged in that "25 Things You Didn't Know About Me" by several people. I enjoyed reading about other people, so I hope if anyone reads this they'll feel the same. I've already done a 16-Things Note that you can find on my Facebook or here on my LJ. I'll add 9 more.

I'm hungry.

17. I dislike driving. I say “dislike” in that I’ll drive if I have to, but I’d rather have someone else do it or take public transportation. I equate ANY amount of driving (including parking) to the same amount of tedium needed to ride on public buses for 4+ hours or carrying metal rods and chains on BART (both of which I’ve done). Driving stresses me out and I’m usually not in a good mood when I arrive at my destination, especially when I’m with my mother.

18. In connection to above, I spent 6+ hours on BART one day, lugging 10 lbs.+ metal rods and chains all around the Bay Area. Literally.

Berkeley → Dublin/Pleasanton
Dublin/Pleasanton → San Francisco (during rush hour) → Richmond → Berkeley

19. I failed at making rice porridge for myself when I was sick. Twice. On the same batch. Even though I added more water it still turned out like mushy rice clumps. It was my first time, ok?

20. I don’t like the feeling of sweaty socks when I take off my shoes, so I will almost always take off my socks too.

21. I have over 200 DVDs and CDs burned with miscellaneous material. I like to hoard things, obviously. Even if I had an external hard drive, it probably wouldn’t be enough.

22. I hate wasting food. I recently ate week-old leftovers because I didn’t want to throw them away… even though all the taste had disappeared. Likewise, if I see a lot of food I will feel compelled to eat everything, or at least a little bit of everything. I think this comes from growing up with a kitchen that was either stocked one day or empty the next, thus producing a squirrel-like opportunistic tendency.

23. I have another squirrel-like tendency where I hide things in places so strange I figure I would definitely remember it, and that I would be the only one able to find it. And then I forget where they are. I still don’t know where my retainers are to this day.

24. I was tricked into going to Cambodia under the guise of a long winter break trip. The true purpose of the trip is a longer story. I’ll write it into a memoir or something. You can ask me for a summary if you like. That might motivate me to write it.

25. I once used a computer without a mouse for almost 3 months. It’s possible.
And then I had to use my computer without a keyboard for almost 3 weeks.
That’s also possible.

You appreciate both so much more after that.

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