Fallen Reincarnation

Like a Phoenix's Firey Ashes?

Berkeley, California, United States
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Orange County High School of the Arts - Santa Ana CA (2002 - 2006)
University of California - Berkeley - Berkeley CA (2006 present)
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vio-chan is in Japan!
Studying at Doshisha University from April to August 2009. :D

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I heard something
that should not be there.
A felled mortal's voice
upon the dead air.

"People over here want to know how you are without having to go through the hassle of finding your deadjournal."

Dearest Kittywings, your call has been answered.

Against my better judgment, I am reborn.

[Edit: July 28th, 2007]
Once more.

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So yes, I have returned to LiveJournal but only to x-post. Whatever you see here is what I have originally posted in DeadJournal. Hah, I now exist on two planes of reality...

Haha, this is now a lie. I've been posting only here for the past few years or so. :P

The only disadvantage LJ people have over here is not being able to see post I did in the past before this date (which would be [3.10.04]).

Unless I miraculously decide someday to bring them all over here, you'll have to look around on this Nether World to read about what I've done since I started blogging in December...

Good times, good times.