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String of Dreams - Fallen Reincarnation

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January 17th, 2009

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10:09 am - String of Dreams
Weird weird dreams last night
somehow triggered other dreams from the past.

Riding a bus to the far side of town.
seeing myself from someone else's body
My own face surprised at me
during a chance meeting at a restaurant.

In a room that used to be mine
dark in dawn
looking through shoes I've never seen in real life
but are strangely familiar anyways.

A knock at the door.
A blonde lady tries to barge in
She's after something.
I push the door close as she claws at me
bolting it lock
but it won't last long.

I jump from the window.

The room had a 360 degree view of a city painted on the walls.
It was from pictures I had taken before.

I remember going there in another dream.
Down crisscrossed and vertical highways
getting dropped off at a movie theater/mall
that is dark and full of narrow passageways.
Watching a movie in a dark red velvet theater.
Going to a dimly lit pet store
that was jungle-like but barren.

And in another dream
walking around the business center
high skyscrapers with auto-repair garages on the first floor
star-patterned intersections.
Streetlights flashing green and red
but no cars.

And in another dream
walking down near empty roads
of an amusement park/water park/zoo
everyone had gathered at one spectacle:
a car show.
I had driven one of the cars there:
a bright yellow mustang convertible.
Everyone else was at the local gingerhouse pub
complete with icing trim and a white picket fence
but I don't think I was ever allowed inside.

And then another dream
where I was walking along a broad white boardwalk
at high noon
looking at huge cannons and lighthouses and watchtowers

And then another dream
walking with my family by a huge flat fountain
as long and wide as the building beside it
everything the color of sand in red sunset.
Hedges and lawns and tall narrow pines in on the other side.

Which brings me back to last night's dream.

A small house, cottage-like.
With a wild green garden.
People had gathered here, but it was a secret
from the aristocratic neighbors.
We were assembling a coup.
Fight strategies.
Our other neighbors comprised of a Buddhist temple
and a church on the other side.
We were on a steep hill, somewhere in San Francisco.

On the way back to the house
I saw a father take his daughter on a skateboard
and luge down the hill.
And then a car attacked our block
with.... water balloon bombs?

And then I kissed a shadow.
Current Location: Ake's house
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Current Music: Computer fights

(Where there's smoke?)

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